LYRA Worldwide

The Americas


Africa, Asia and Oceania


Please purchase your Lyra from a certified and authorized Lyra retailer/distributor in your country of residence. Warranty and service of Lyra is limited to go through the original distribution point (current regional Lyra distributor in country which the cartridge was originally exported to by Lyra).

Be aware that every Lyra do need continuous access to Lyra service and maintenance in order to function optimally. Unauthorized resellers of Lyra do not have access to Lyra maintenance services. Every Lyra with deleted or altered serial number will be treated as a counterfeit product not eligible for any service, repair, or maintenance.

Lyra distributors are prohibited from selling outside their contracted distribution areas. Transshipping will not be tolerated, and it will be the cause for immediate termination of distribution rights.

Customers who reside in areas outside of our distribution network should contact Lyra directly.

e-mail address: <lyra at gol dot com>