LYRA CONNOISSEUR 4-2L SE Line Preamplifier

Not available. Production has been discontinued since 2007 because new European ROHS rules outlawing certain substances in all electronic parts and products sold in the EU caused many parts manufacturers to discontinue critical parts used in the Lyra Connoisseur preamplifiers. Even though the ROHS laws only concern the EU, the worldwide discontinuation of critical parts, which were never replaced by ROHS-approved equivalents, caused that LYRA was forced to stop production of the Lyra Connoisseur preamplifiers alltogether. Full service & support available. Also, on a case by case basis we are able to upgrade older 4-series versions to 4-2 SE level.

LYRA's Connoisseur 4-2L SE preamplifier raises the state of the art in the reproduction of recorded music.

Even though it appears simple and elegant, the 4-2L SE is an extremely complex and intricate construction based around two separate amplifier modules with all critical nodes built as "air dielectric", 12 separate regulators per channel all with discrete components only.

Air-dielectric circuits are fabricated by an exceptionally skilled craftsman who trained originally as a cartridge builder. The Connoisseur 4-2 is too delicate and too complex to be made by normal electronic technicians, or by machine. A custom coaxial switch switches between separate metal foil resistors in a "make-before-break" arrangement on two separate decks - one per channel, while the rearmost deck of the switch takes care of input selection.

The remote power supply is extremely robust, starting with one 190VA transformer per channel, followed by substantial primary power supply filtering of 10,000 uF x 2 per channel. The interior of the main chassis being assisted by comprehensive local power supply bypassing, as well as multiple regulation of the amplifier modules.

Simon Marsh for Hi Fi+ Magazine
Simon Marsh for HiFi+
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