LYRA OLYMPOS (Out of production. Full service & support available.)

The LYRA Olympos exists as a special model outside of the standard LYRA range. It is a custom specialty offering, and should not be thought of as our top-of-the-line cartridge.

In the early 1990's we introduced a cartridge model called Parnassus which was later referred to as the blue body, original Parnassus to distinguish it from the later Parnassus D.C.t, an entirely different design.

The original Parnassus was based around a very unique platinum-iron magnet and two 5N high-purity iron pole pieces. It had a seductive and attractive sound which made it stand out from the competition at the time.

A few years ago we discovered a stock of 10 platinum-iron magnets and 5N iron polepieces for the Parnassus. LYRA designer Jonathan Carr had long wanted to design an entirely new cartridge using machined titanium for the body, and employing the latest geometry and other cutting-edge features from LYRA's 21st Century cartridges, but using the unique, and by now unavailable, platinum-iron magnet. As a result, a very limited production run of 10 Olympos cartridges was planned.

Simon Marsh for Hi Fi+ Magazine
Simon Marsh for HiFi+