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The New Angle on LP Reproduction: Introducing the LYRA Delos MC Phono Cartridge An analog LP played back with an MC cartridge can sound exceptionally good. Normally, the more cost put into the cartridge, the better the sound. However, sometimes what is required is not more cost but more clever engineering, as with the Lyra Delos. more...


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Building on New Angle technology, the Kleos innovates with a stronger chassis machined from aircraft-grade alloys, narrowed mounting area to improve energy transfer, and pre-stressed construction combining multiple materials with non-parallel surfaces to inhibit internal body resonances. The fully hand-made Kleos also has a Lyra-designed line contact stylus and platinum-plated output pins, achieving an exceptionally quiet noise-floor with superior immediacy, resolution and tracking, wide dynamic range and explosive transients, plus a warmer and natural tonal balance. The Kleos is a high-value cartridge that surpasses the sound quality of substantially more expensive cartridges.


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It is always a challenge to design a worthy heir to a successful product. For the Lyra Etna, however, that challenge was twice as difficult as normal. On one hand its primary goal was to replace the popular Titan. On the other hand, the Etna design project had a second goal, which was to achieve as high levels of performance as possible. If this meant that Etna would give stern competition to the flagship Atlas, so be it. more...


The Atlas is Lyra's flagship model. It is also the first time that anyone has made an asymmetrically structured phono cartridge. Why asymmetric? Because, by literally misplacing the barriers to great sound that are present in every other cartridge today, it confers a number of important performance benefits. more...

Kleos Mono

The mono version of the "New Angle" Kleos MC Phono Cartridge is a genuine mono design. There are two separate coils wound on top of each other for electrical isolation when used in a stereo amplification/speakers system (a mono signal is supplied to each channel). However, it is fully possible to run either coil single in a pure single amp and single speaker mono system, and it is also possible to chain the two coils for increased output. more...


LYRA Stylus Performance Treatment (SPT) is a purified water-based, non-alcohol stylus cleaner that helps keep cartridge styli scrupulously clean.In addition to highly purified water, SPT contains only very small amounts of organic chemical cleaning agents. SPT has proven to be completely safe to use with all phono cartridges (not only LYRA's). Whatever the cartridge, excessive amounts of liquid should never be applied to the stylus and cantilever. more...

LYRA PhonoPipe

Lyra PhonoPipe is a tonearm-to-phono stage interconnect cable that is made with very low capacitance as a top priority, and is designed to give users more flexible loading options at the phono stage. By enabling the use of higher-value phono stage input termination resistors, it prevents unnecessary degradation of the cartridge's dynamics, resolution, and tracking ability. more...

New Angle Visual Presentation:

A visual presentation of the "New Angle" concept introduced in the Lyra Delos, Lyra Kleos, and Lyra Atlas models.

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